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Sustainable vs Eco-friendly

Many businesses and civilians are finding value in a more sustainable way of life and work. That comes from the numerous information about how the consumerism has negatively affected our environment's health. Indeed, those effects are mostly due to the worldwide growth of population in the last century - around 6 billion people increase in 100 years.
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Despite the rapid assimilation of the planet’s situation, many people are still confused about how to reduce their impact on the earth. As well, the different terminology to refer to that topic, seem to be confusing.

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability refers to the broad scope of activities that focus on generating environmental, economic and social benefits while reducing resources or pollution, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs – according to the United Nations.

As to products, for example, one that meets sustainability, it must have been consciously made reducing its impact on the planet from beginning to end.

Isn’t Eco-friendly the same, then?

‘Eco-friendly’ is an adjective that refers to a product, process or activity that is not harmful to the environment. That is a more specific term, as relates to the prevention of the contribution to air, water and land pollution precisely, without including social or economic issues.

It seems inaccurate to use the term ‘eco-friendly’, as practically any human-made product or activity has a specific impact on the planet – that can happen with the use of water to produce, or the use of electricity when using machines, etc.

However, that term has developed to the extent that any individual would use it at any time. When referring to “green” products or activities, or even to define a type of business, ‘eco-friendly’ is one of the trendy words at the moment – that makes that many companies make use of it at all times.

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