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The Magic Box (one-off) is our newest bundle from October 2021. It is not the typical MyInnerBox, as it has been curated to create a magical experience for you! Still, all products are eco-consciously made and are vegan.

  • Environmentally friendly macrame crescent moon. By the eco-conscious brand Myga, the moon’s netted details make it a beautiful piece to decorate any wall of the house with a bohemian style. Each moon is handcrafted and unique. The product does not contain any plastic material. Retail price £16.99 

  • Minimal feather bracelet with a wish card. The little charm by Ria goes in a waxed cotton thread, together with a recycled paper card. You can either use it yourself or gift it to someone special! Retail price £4.95 

  • Lavender scented soy wax candle. By Ria, this is a soy candle made with natural lavender scents. The lovely smell corresponds to the Air element, which is perfect to create a relaxing atmosphere. 120 ml. Retail price £17.00 

  • Aromatherapy roller. Also, by Ria, this 10ml natural scented roller is specifically formulated to find peace of mind and calmness at any moment you require. It contains lavender, ylang-ylang, camomile, and other well-known relaxing essential oils. It comes in a reusable glass bottle. Retail price £12.00 

  • Soy wax moon-shaped melt. This softly fruity 50gr melt by Wolf Lodge Candle is a gorgeous homemade melt with a dreamy blend of pear, apple, blueberry, as well as cedar and musk. It is a magical scent for a magical month! Retail price £4.00 

  • A ceramic small plate in a lotus flower shape. Perfect for any corner of your home, the plate represents purity & beauty & it’s perfect either for jewellery, crystals or as a tealight holder. Retail price £7.99

All the products are vegan, cruelty-free and ethically made.

All MyInnerBox branded packaging is made from recycled or 100% recyclable cardboard/paper.

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