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Real products made by small businesses that care for the planet. Vegan, Sustainable, Low-waste, Cruelty-free, All-Natural.


Premium Calm Box – One-off (1 left)
£35.99 £21.60

Organic Baobab Multipurpose Oil
Out of stock

Organic Macadamia Body Butter (1 left)
£12.90 £7.75

Candy Cane Soy Wax Candle
£8.00 £4.80

‘Adventures in the Anthropocene’ Book
£9.90 £5.95

Geranium & Lavender Soy Wax Candle
£4.00 £2.40

Natural Face Mask Powder
£12.99 £7.80

Recycled Cotton & Jute Tote Bag
£15.00 £9.00

Read & Relax Box – One-off
£17.99 £10.80

Pamper Your Skin Box – One-off
Out of stock

On The Go Box – One-off
£17.99 £10.80

Lunch Out Box – One-off
£19.99 £11.99

Sunday Love Box – One-off
Out of stock

Premium Spring Box

Premium Spring Box – One-off
Out of stock

The Bath Time Box – One-off
£35.99 £21.60

The Original – One-off
£35.99 £19.99

Daily Mind Journal (no dated)
£23.99 £14.40

Spring Peony Soy Wax Candle (2 left)
£7.00 £4.20

Eco-Concrete Marbled Soap Dish (1 left)
£16.00 £9.60

Green Gold Balm with Essential Oils
£15.00 £9.00

Mandarin & Ylang Soap Bar
£4.00 £2.40

Hand-brushed Reusable Cotton Pads
£6.99 £4.20

Green Relaxing Sheet Mask
Out of stock

Mindfulness Book
£8.90 £5.35

Self-Exploration Journal
Out of stock

Twin-walled Travel Cup
£9.99 £4.95

Fruit Smoothie Face Scrub
£18.99 £8.40

Recycled 2021 Diary/Journal
£14.00 £2.10

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The Premium Boxes are our original bundles made from 5 to 6 high-quality products and sent with our branded recycled boxes. They are Premium because their value is superior to £50 and up to £90 depending on the products hosted. Also, the products we promote in our Premium Boxes are from current collaborations with other small/medium businesses that care about the planet as much as we do.

Our smaller boxes are newly created bundles to allow pockets with a lower budget to get to know the brands we have previously hosted in our Past Premium Boxes. These bundles have been carefully curated to create specific lovely experiences while respecting the planet. The value inside these boxes goes from £25 up to £35, which makes us possible to set these affordable prices.

Of course! If any of the boxes you bought is for a gift, you can simply fill out the form above with your order number and the message you would like to add. Also, please let us know whether there is any specific requirement we could help you with. Please, if you buy more than one box, specify which package is for sending out as a gift and the address in case it is a different one.

No, they are not! One of the good things about our boxes is that you will only find full-sized products! (gifts as a possible exception)*

Good news! We have started shipping to other European countries, as well as to the US. However, as we are a small business, our shipping quotes are not the cheapest ones, so please have that in mind. We will work hard to achieve more affordable fees by 2022.

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