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What's MyInnerBox?

MyInnerBox is a sustainable & vegan subscription box startup based in the UK, child of the 2020 lockdown. Launched in September of the same year, our aim is to offer planet-caring products to the consumer, to make it easier consuming-wise  for those interested in helping our environment. 

What's inside of each box?

In your bi-monthly box, you will find 5 to 6 fantastic products created from an environmental-friendly perspective. Books, home utensils, aromatherapy products, skincare… We offer you a wide range of eco-friendly brands with sister ethics to us. In our leaflet, you will find a short description of every product and its brand!
How much does it cost?
We offer three purchase options for our subscription boxes:
– Single purchase: MyInnerBox without subscription has a cost of £35.99. Usually, you will be saving from £8 to £10 from the original value.
– Half-year subscription: MyInnerBox half-year subscription has a cost of £33.99 every two months (total of 3 boxes). That discount saves you £6 from the Single purchase box, which means you save from £10 to £12 from the original value in each box.
– Full-year subscription: MyInnerBox full-year subscription has a cost of £31.99 every two months (total of 6 boxes). That discount saves you £24 from the Single purchase box, which means you save from £12 to £14 from the original value in each box.
Are the products samples?
They’re not! One of the good things about our box is that we always offer full-sized products! (with a possible exception for gifts).

Is there an up-front payment?

There is none. To make it easier for you, we charge you every month before you receive your box, so you don’t have to upfront the cost of three/six boxes at once.

Why sustainable & vegan?

The human being has had a significant impact on our planet’s health, especially from a century ago. Climate Change is a fact, & we understand it is in our hands to low our ecological footprint & stop our environment’s rapid degradation. It’s time to be aware of our consuming habits & to make better choices. 

When will I receive my subscription box?

For first subscriptions:  If you have subscribed at the end of the month, you will receive the last month’s/current month’s box within 3-5 working days from the day you placed your order.
For recurring subscriptions: We will send you box between the 5th & the 10th of each month. You need to allow 2-3 working days to receive your parcel.

Can I return my box?

We are sorry to hear that you want to return your box! Unfortunately, MyInnerBox does not accept returns once the box has been purchased. In case any of your products are damaged, we will replace that product for free.

How does your Referral Program work?

In My Account section, you will find a Referral Link to send to your friends. Whenever your referral completes a purchase through your link, you will receive a DISCOUNT CODE to your email, that you will be able to use anytime for a 50% off our shop or your current subscription!
If you want to apply your discount code in your upcoming subscription box, please email us your code to and we will apply it for you! 🙂

Do you deliver worldwide?

We are selling only within the UK territory at the moment. However, it is in our minds to open our borders to different EU countries by 2022.

When will I be billed for my subscription box?

When you first subscribe, you will be billed immediately. Keep in mind that if you subscribe at the end of the month, you may receive two boxes on the same month (only if the upcoming month is February, April, June, August, October or December).
For all recurring boxes, we will take the payment on the 2nd of the month.
For single boxes, there are no recurring payments, and you will be billed immediately.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can only cancel your subscription when your first subscription period has finished – if you cancel, you won’t be renewed after the half or full year after your subscription has ended.
If you don’t want your subscription to be renewed, please email us to, and we will do it for you. We will send you a confirmation email once this is done!

There is a problem with my box!

We are really sorry to hear that. If any of the items you received is damaged or missing, please let us know as soon as possible by providing us with a picture of the damage by email to We will gladly replace it for free!

I want to collaborate with you

We are so happy to meet new companies or Influencers that have our same values. We will be delighted to collaborate with you! Please, don’t hesitate in getting in touch! Do that at
For more information about how we work or who we are, please contact us at:
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