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“What products am I buying? Are they sustainable? Do they care about the animals, too? Oh, but what about the packaging, is it recyclable?”

We say YES to all those questions, but we want you to know the products a bit more. Check out their components, brand & design!


Natural Hand Sanitiser

Made with plant-based alcohol and natural essential oils, this hand sanitiser by Anti75 is an antiviral and antibacterial gel that gives you 99.9% protection against germs while being gentle with your skin. 75ml

Natural Face Mask

This pink-clay with rosehip cleansing face mask by Exfolin is a gentle option to exfoliate your skin and see results from since the first use. Its 100% natural ingredients help oily skin types to balance. 100gr

Vegan Chocolate

Salted Caramel and Matcha flavours are the two options by Fellow Creatures to choose from in your box. These chocolates come wrapped in paper and are sweet delicious choices to feel in heaven! 75gr

Crunchy Pea Snacks

By Podberry, this snack consists of delicious, whole freeze-dried peas seasoned with natural and vegan Parmesan and Truffle flavour!

Nutrient Face Cream

This organic moisturiser for dry skin by Comfort Zone is a great antioxidant formula that protects from free radicals to prolong skin youth. Deeply hydrates and nourishes, leaving a true comfort. 50ml

Large Grocery Bag

Another reusable product by Turtle Bag! This large reusable cotton bag is the perfect fit for your shopping day, to go picnic, or even to keep your underwear when travelling!

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(Limited units. If we run out of your preferred flavour, you will be sent the other option)
Vegan Chocolate Fellow Creatures

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Our Commitment

We are committed to only host brands that follow our same principles


Animal respect

Reuse & Recycle


We offer three purchase options for our subscription boxes:
– Single purchase: MyInnerBox without subscription has a cost of £35.99. You will be saving from £8 to £10 from the original value.
– Half-year subscription: MyInnerBox half-year subscription has a cost of £33.99 every two months (total of 3 boxes). That discount saves you £6 from the Single purchase box, which means you save from £10 to £12 from the original value in each box.
– Full-year subscription: MyInnerBox full-year subscription has a cost of £31.99 every two months (total of 6 boxes). That discount saves you £24 from the Single purchase box, which means you save from £12 to £14 from the original value in each box.

No, they don’t! One of the good things about our box is that you will only find full-sized products! (gifts as a possible exception)*

The human being has had a significant impact on our planet’s health, especially from a century ago. Climate Change is a fact, & we understand it is in our hands to low our ecological footprint & stop our environment’s rapid degradation. It’s time to be aware of our consumption habits & to make better choices.

The meat/leather industries are some of the most significant pollutant ones in our society, & that is only one of the thousand reasons to go for a vegan approach.

We are selling only within the UK territory at the moment. However, it is in our minds to open our borders to different EU countries by 2022.

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