“What products am I buying? Are they sustainable? Do they care about the animals, too? Oh, but what about the packaging, is it recyclable?”

We say YES to all those questions, but we want you to know the products a bit more. Check out their components, brand & design!

Eco Sun Cream

Eco-Friendly SPF30, this face and body sun cream by Comfort Zone ensures high protection against sun-related damage, helping to preserve your skin health & youth. No added fragance, no greasy residue, & no harm to aquatic environments thanks to its reduced use of last generation UVA and UVB filters. 150ml

Green Tea

This plastic free Green Tea by Nemi uses biodegradable green tea pyramids to avoid microplastics & to concentrate the flavour thanks to its design. This sencha tea is a mild & soft green tea.

Multipurpose Hair & Nail Oil

This is a multipurpose light weight, fragrance free, multi vitamin oil by SuperfoodsLx. Naturally contains vitamin A – K and omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9, as well as silica for collagen support. It's ideal for brows, beards, scalp, cuticles and hair length!

Crunchy Pea Snacks

By Podberry, this snack consists of delicious, whole freeze-dried peas seasoned with natural and vegan Parmesan and Truffle flavour!

Sandalwood Incense

This natural hand-rolled Sandalwood incense by Snooty Catz Eco Shop is a plastic free incense beautifully crafted in bamboo sticks. About 1 hour burn time

Cotton/Jute Tote Bag

This tote is made with recycled cotton and jute material, that makes it more durable. By ECOBAGS, this shopping bag is ideal for everyday use, & for beach trips!

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The human being has had a significant impact on our planet’s health, especially from a century ago. Climate Change is a fact, & we understand it is in our hands to low our ecological footprint & stop our environment’s rapid degradation. It’s time to be aware of our consumption habits & to make better choices.

The meat/leather industries are some of the most significant pollutant ones in our society, & that is only one of the thousand reasons to go for a vegan approach.

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