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“What products am I buying? Are they sustainable? Do they care about the animals, too? Oh, but what about the packaging, is it recyclable?”

We say YES to all those questions, but we want you to know the products a bit more. Check out their ecological components, brand & design!


Vegan Meringues

100% natural, vegan & gluten-free meringues by London Apron! These heavenly sweets are made of aquafaba & unrefined sugar, together with vanilla extracts, to give you a fantastic tasteful experience!

Fruit Face Scrub

Natural fruit smoothie face scrub by Purity Natural Beauty! This scrub leaves your skin fresh & radiant with its Vitamin C boost. It comes with a plantable label & reusable glass pot!

2021 Diary Planner

Fully recyclable 2021 diary & planner by the german company Monkey Minder! This colourful diary contains a weekly planner, a calendar, an schedule & a journal to help you organise your goals for 2021!

Soy Wax Candle

A candy cane scented candle to bring you straight away to a Christmassy atmosphere! By Vegan Bunny, this candle is free from toxic materials, & it comes in a reusable & recyclable tin!

Reusable Cotton Pads

These reusable handcrafted pads by Moonie are made of pure soft brushed cotton to clean your skin from impurities effortlessly, without generating unnecessary wastage! They can be machine washed up to 30º or by hand.

Vegan Treats

A bunch of vegan treats by Vegan Snob, an events company that distributes the most tempting candies 100% plant-based!

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Our Commitment

We are compromised to only host brands that follow our same principles. 


Animal respect

Reuse & Recycle


We offer three purchase options for our subscription boxes:
– Single purchase: MyInnerBox without subscription has a cost of £35.99. You will be saving from £8 to £10 from the original value.
– Half-year subscription: MyInnerBox half-year subscription has a cost of £33.99 every two months (total of 3 boxes). That discount saves you £6 from the Single purchase box, which means you save from £10 to £12 from the original value in each box.
– Full-year subscription: MyInnerBox full-year subscription has a cost of £31.99 every two months (total of 6 boxes). That discount saves you £24 from the Single purchase box, which means you save from £12 to £14 from the original value in each box.

No, they don’t! One of the good things about our box is that you will only find full-sized products! (gifts as a possible exception)*

The human being has had a significant impact on our planet’s health, especially from a century ago. Climate Change is a fact, & we understand it is in our hands to low our ecological footprint & stop our environment’s rapid degradation. It’s time to be aware of our consumption habits & to make better choices.

The meat/leather industries are some of the most significant pollutant ones in our society, & that is only one of the thousand reasons to go for a vegan approach.

We are selling only within the UK territory at the moment. However, it is in our minds to open our borders to different EU countries by 2022.

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