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A Sustainable Christmas Holiday Made Simple

A Step-By-Step Guide To Reduce Our Impact On The Planet & Our Waste During Christmas
Sustainable Christmas


As you probably know, a lot of us have many challenges when it comes to spending a sustainable holiday with the family:

  • Finding the right unique present
  • Parents want a traditional festivity
  • We need to plan the menu for everyone Or We don’t get to choose the menu

This article will address all of these issues and more. Here’s the breakdown: Buying Less, Ethical Gifts and Plant-based Foods.

If you need more information about why going sustainable is important, check out our first post ‘Why Sustainable?’!

Ready to get started? Here we go!

Choosing One Unique Present

If you want to be successful with your choice, thinking before buying is essential – “Do I need to buy so many presents?”. Take a look on the Internet to get the first idea of what you’d get for your beloved: shops, blogs, reviews, gifts recommendations… That’s key!

After that, you’ll want to think about the following:

Step 1: What’s that thing that your special person needs and likes at the same time? Look for something useful that can last long. 
Pro-tip: You can always ask your beloved subtlely to get an idea. If you don’t know how to be subtle, ask a friend/family member in common! 😉

Step 2: Think about buying second hand. Some people are not quite sure about that… But I’m telling you, you can find pure relics in second-hand stores! 
Pro-tip: You can get high-quality products for a lower price, and you’re also giving a second life to that present you’re choosing!

Step 3: Get recycled packaging/wrapping paper! Did you know most of the regular wrapping paper are not recyclable? On the Internet, there are many stores where already sell stunning recycled paper! 
Pro-tip: You can always use a fabric cloth and wrap your present up beautifully with a personalized card! Did you know that that is a Japanese tradition called furoshiki?

Choose Ethical

Get informed before buying your present! This is a crucial step. 

Step 1: Pop to the brand’s website and check their ethos page. Did you know that many companies may sell themselves as “green”, but they actually use toxic materials or test on animals? 
Pro-tip: Check out their reviews! That always helps to understand how faithful is that company to their ethos, too!

Step 2: Shop small. Is more likely that small businesses try to do things right in terms of paying respectable salaries or committing with the environment. 
Pro-tip: Going to proximity businesses will help activate your neighbourhood’s economy.

Step 3: Read Labels. There you will find much of the information you need to know about a particular product. 
Pro-tip: You can search online before you go to the store to save you time and frustration!

Plant-based foods

Ok time for the last – but not least! As you may know, the meat industry is one of the prime factors for Climate Change. Trying to make a sustainable Christmas without changing our foods is like fighting against the war while selling weapons at the same time.

Here’s what to do. 

Step 1: Think about your health! Many people are concerned about gaining weight during holidays, and that’s mainly because animal foods are fatty and not great for us. 
Pro-tip: Google “Vegan Christmas meals” and you will be surprised how easy they are to cook!

Step 2: Christmas is to share the love. Why would we contribute to get killed millions of animals when we are celebrating love and family? 
Pro-tip: Speak with your family and friends to introduce veggie options in your Christmas meals – they’ll get surprised!

Step 3: Empathy & Compassion. Think about how comfortable you like to feel with your beloved during an unforgettable holiday. Now think about those animals’ lives.

Ok. Now you’ve got the fundamentals for a Sustainable Christmas. To sum it all up, to have a lower impact during Christmas, you need the following:

1- To Buy Less

2- To Choose Ethical Brands/Methods

3- To Introduce Plant-based Meals

Have a sustainable Christmas!

Sustainable Gifts

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