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5 tips to start a sustainable life

Nowadays our impact on the planet is determinant for our future. However, we still have time to make a change. In this post, you are going to find five easy tips to start becoming more sustainable, reducing your footprint on the planet.
Photo by Karolina Grabowska - Eco products
A sustainable life doesn’t mean to make difficult choices or to change your routine radically. It just means to think consciously about the things you buy, the energy you use, and the choices that you make in your day-a-day.

1. Reduce

Did you ever think about how many things do you use daily? Most likely, you only use 10% of the products or clothes you have. Just think twice before making a purchase. A tip? Consider the three R: “reduce, reuse and recycle”. Every human-made product has an environmental impact on the planet – it can be contributing to massive pollution during its manufacturing process, or maybe in their recycling process, to ending up on a landfill or the ocean. So, first of all, ask yourself if you need that thing that you want to buy. If you do, consider buying its eco-friendly version, or buying a second hand one, or even buying it without any plastic packaging. Also, think about buying from a proximity business!

2. Walk, walk, walk!

I am sure you have heard before that the plane is the most polluting transport. However, if we don’t have another way to travel because the place where we are going is too far, or it’s in another piece of land, it’s the end of discussion. Our daily lives, though, are usually based in the same town or city, or other close places. In these cases, considering taking public transport, cycling or walking, are the best options to avoid polluting our environment too much.

3. Nacked products

We’ve been all surprised sometime in our supermarket shopping day, with a piece of fruit wrapped in plastic unnecessarily. Thankfully, many stores still sell products in bulk and with no extra packaging. Here’s where you need to think about taking a step back: choose the nacked product or, maybe, change your usual store to another one that sells non-packed foods. Also, many other kinds of stores, like Lush, sell beauty & skincare products without packaging. You can Google your closest eco-friendly shop, or opt for the nacked products on your current supermarket!

4. Second Hand?

For some people, buying second hands clothes is a step too far. But do we need to buy brand new clothes every time we go shopping? How many articles are yearly made, that no one wears at the end? Where are all those clothes ending up? And what happens when we get tired of a pair of trousers or a dress? If we answer all these questions, we realise clothes are a significant contaminant of our environment (and, as an extra, they are not always ethically made!). Nowadays, many shops sell second hand or upcycled articles of clothing that are in perfect condition. You need to give it a go, and you will love finding beautiful relics for your wardrobe!

5. Look for the eco-label!

Whenever you have to buy detergent, a toothbrush, shoes… do you ask yourself which is the company behind? Many of us shop for clothes or foods online. A good practice before buying is to check if that brand is ethical, sustainable or cares about the environment. Many companies have their ethics page accessible to the customer, so it shouldn’t be complicated to find whether that brand has a certificate of organic, biodegradable, non-toxic or eco-friendly products. If you are reading this, to check that out should be two minutes!
Photo by Lauris Rozentals - The planet first

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